Silver Ball Sac
Pinball Club

Sacramento, CA

Club Guidelines and Tournament Rules

Welcome to the Silver Ball Sac Pinball Club (SBS), a vibrant community dedicated to the joy of pinball. Based in Sacramento, CA, SBS is a hub for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, offering weekly tournaments and a chance to be part of Sacramento's expanding pinball scene.

The Silver Ball Sac Pinball Club is set to revolutionize the local pinball scene with its innovative scaling structure and inclusive community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the silver ball, SBS offers a weekly dose of pinball excitement and competition.

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Tournament Format

The formats will most likely need to be fine tuned as the club ramps up and we see how long the formats are actually taking in the real world because the layout and game setup of each location will affect the overall time the tournaments take. For example the tilts at one location may be much tighter than another, meaning players are more likely to tilt which will lead to overall shorter game times. This may also need to be adjusted depending on the division because higher skilled players play longer games. Many adjustments can be made to save time or allow additional games to be played within the same 2.5 hour window. For example if we need to save time then we can switch from swiss pairing to random or balanced pairing. The goal is to create an extremely efficient pinball tournament with as little down time as possible.

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