Monday Night Strikes

Join us every Monday night in the historic Old Sacramento Waterfront for a beginner friendly 4 strikes tournament.

📍Capital Pinball Parlor, 117 J St. Sacramento, CA 95814
🕡Check - In: 6:30pm
🕖Start Time: 7:00pm
💲$5 entry + coin drop
🏆Trophies to top 3
🕹️1 vs 1, 4 Strikes knockout

How this format works:

In each round players are paired off 1 vs 1 and put on a random game.  The loser of the match receives a strike. After all players have completed their matches a new round will begin. Players are paired randomly for the first round, but in subsequent rounds players are paired based on their current number of strikes. For example: If you have 2 strikes, then you will most likely be paired with an opponent who also has 2 strikes. If a round has an odd number of players then a random person receives a bye for that round. A bye counts as a full win. As the rounds progress players will be eliminated until only 1 remains.  The top 3 players will receive trophy's. Ties involving the top 3 finishing positions will be played out as a full game. If you receive an extra ball it must plunged. No flipper button presses are allowed on an extra ball once the ball has been plunged. Pressing the lock bar "action" button and nudging are both allowed during an extra ball. No death saves. Coaching is prohibited while a player is at the machine actively playing their ball. The player may not ask for advice and spectators my not give advice. The only exceptions to this rule are alerting the player they have a ball save if they had turned around and not noticed, telling the player what ball number they are on, and alerting the player if they are about to play out of turn. If a player plays out of turn they will receive a strike for that match.

Nerdy WPPR stuff:
10 Players ~ 38.2% TGP
20 players ~ 43.6% TGP
30 players ~ 47.9% TGP
40 players ~ 48.3% TGP